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Are you looking for a reliable alarm system which can be installed with a free app without having any subscriptions or monthly fees? The EM8615 WiFi/SMS/GSM Alarm System provides a solid foundation for securing your home. Connect the alarm system to your network wirelessly and receive push notifications on your smartphone. You can use a GSM sim card as well and receive a phone call or SMS text message during an alarm. Very convenient when you do not have Internet on your smartphone. The EM8615 set includes a base station with internal siren, 1 motion detector, 1 door/window contact, 2 remote controls and 2 window stickers. Because of the wireless communication the EM8615 starter kit can be extended with additional sensors. The alarm system remains working during a power failure thanks to the built-in backup battery.

Complete starter kit
The EM8615 WiFi/SMS/GSM Alarm System Starter Kit enables you to build your own safe environment. The kit includes a base station with built-in siren and back-up battery, 1 motion detector, 1 door/window contact, 2 remote controls, 2 window stickers and a quick install guide.

Wireless connection to your network and easy installing a GSM sim card
Connect the EM8615 easily to your wireless network. You will receive an Internet push notification on your smartphone during an alarm. For even a better security you can install a GSM sim card in the alarm system. The EM8615 will send a SMS text message or will call in case of an emergency. Convenient when your phone is not connected to the Internet. Thanks to the GSM function it is possible to call to the alarm system and listen along in your home.

Triple protection for your personal belongings: also during a power failure
Receive directly a notification on you smartphone during an alarm: a push notification, SMS text message or phone call. The free Android and iOS app enables you to set-up 5 phone numbers which need to receive alarm notifications. The alarm system remains working during a power failure thanks to the backup battery. During a power failure the alarm system will fall back to the SMS/GSM function to guarantee the safety of your personal belongings.

Easy to install everywhere
The EM8615 base station needs a fixed power point. All accessories are battery powered and are completely wireless. Nevertheless, the alarm system can be located easily everywhere. Thanks to the GSM functionality the EM8615 is also usable on locations without an Internet connection.

Works without a subscription or fixed monthly fees
The alarm system works via WiFi or with a GSM sim card. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions required.

Full configurable and controllable with the free iOS/Android app or via SMS text messages
Use the free EM8615 iOS or Android app to configure and control the WiFi/SMS/GSM alarm system. You can use the app via your wireless home network or mobile Internet connection everywhere in the world. No Internet connection available? Dont worry. Use SMS text messages to configure and control the alarm system.

Control the alarm system easily via the enclosed remote control
Control the EM8615 Alarm System with the enclosed remote control. You can attach the remote control easily to your keychain. The remote control allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system and activate the home mode or SOS function.

Extendable up to 100 sensors
You are ready for the future with the EM8615. Extend the alarm system with a maximum of 100 sensors, such as motion detectors, door/window contacts, smoke detectors, sirens and remote controls. It is possible to create up to 9 sensors with their own unique name to know directly which sensor warns you. Convenient right!

Four pre-programmed alarm groups
The alarm system has 4 different alarm groups in which you can locate the sensors. Each group has its own characteristics to protect your home to the max.


IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n

Alarm decibels

90 dB

Temperatuur, in bedrijf

-10 – 55 °C

Soort bediening



120 mA

Breedte verpakking

50 mm

Hoogte verpakking

160 mm

Aantal deur-/raamsensoren

1 stuk(s)

Aantal afstandsbedieningen

2 stuk(s)






433 MHz

Kleur van het product


Autonome modus


Accu/Batterij voltage

7,4 V

Statische stroom

60 mA

Diepte verpakking

150 mm

Gewicht verpakking

354 g

Aantal bewegingssensoren

1 stuk(s)

Vermogenstoevoer inclusief